"Ancestral Modernism: Harvest (Høst)" is a production which I have thought for years but the concrete idea finally came to maturity last autumn.

Dear friends and followers,


You are cordially invited to the upcoming production: "Ancestral Modernism: Harvest" together with 3 fantastisk Korean percussionists and Frederiksberg Sogns Girls Choir. This is a production which I have dreamt for years, but the concept finally came to maturity last year. 

In this production, the audiences and the musicians will unite and celebrate the deep joy of harvest with poetic and picturesque Danish Harvest Songs and the virtuosic Korean harvest music- Samulnori.

Take your family and friends with you for this rare chance for experiencing the universal tradition of celebrating harvest. We have a special family concert on 7th of September, 16:00 in Koncertkirken if you wish to experience an intimate yet powerful concert together with your young family members. The very concert is at the same time suitable for any adults.

We play the same program in a more spectacular setting on 15th of September, 15:00 in Frederiksberg Slotskirke. One can also enjoy the same concert twice:)

Concert info:

September 7, 16:00 Famileconcert i Koncertkirken. Price: 100/50 kr. Ticket paid at the door.

September 15, 15:00 concert in Frederiksberg Slotskirke. Free Entrance. Children above 6 year old also welcome.

Kilde: http://www.yinghsuehchen.com/next-ancestral-modernism-harvest-hoslashst.html

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